Become an international alumni contact

Would you like to be an international alumni contact for DTU?

Your role as an international alumni contact will be to support DTU’s international student recruitment and to help promote DTU in your country/area.

We ask you to register as a member of DTU Alumni and keep your profile updated with an active email address and a contact telephone number.

We ask you to act as a local contact point for DTU, i.e. providing DTU with information about local education, political and economic conditions when necessary.

We ask you to assist DTU staff members with student recruitment events when possible (usually on an annual basis) by talking to local prospective students about your experiences at DTU and, where appropriate, offer information and advice about degree programmes at DTU.

To become an international alumni contact for DTU, please contact


Contact points at DTU

DTU’s Stakeholder Management Office (responsible for DTU Alumni) will be your first point of contact at DTU. You may also be contacted by DTU's International Admissions Office if they are travelling to your region and/or need help with student recruitment activities.

DTU’s Stakeholder Management Office will provide support by:

  • Regular communication with you
  • Promotion of local events that you choose to organize
  • Putting you in contact with other alumni from DTU in your country/area

DTU’s International Admissions Office will provide support in two ways:

  • They will provide you with regularly updated briefing and reference materials relating to student recruitment.
  • They will act as a resource to support you if you encounter difficult enquiries relating to student recruitment.

You should never advise beyond your knowledge. Poor or inaccurate advice creates a bad impression of DTU and could result in the loss of potential applicants. You can email for advice about degree programmes, application issues etc. or, preferably, forward difficult enquiries to the International Admissions Office and copy in the enquirer.



You may also want to consider becoming a mentor for students at DTU.