Mentor programmes

Several mentor programmes with a relation to DTU involve alumni:

Mentor programme with focus on career development. Prepares students for the world of tomorrow professionally, academically, personally. 

Pre-startup Mentoring (DeepTech Mentoring)
Mentor programme where entrepreneurs get sparring from a team of mentors.

DTU Skylab Business Mentoring
Mentor programme related to Skylab's student innovation activities. For more info, please contact Jens Friholm.

DTU X-Tech
DTU X-Tech is a hybrid incubator, university, fab-lab, innovation and research facility which also uses mentors as part of its accelerated-learning programme.


Co-founder programmes

Open Entrepreneurship

Experienced business people work with start-up teams as part of the team.


Other programmes

MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship
The 2-year programme for entrepreneur students where students form their own startups and advisory boards as part of their education offers various ways of getting involved. For more info, please contact Thor Rigtrup Larsen.


Do you know about other mentor or co-founder programmes related to DTU? Please let us know: