Library services for alumni

DTU Library
Both at Lyngby Campus (building 101) and at Ballerup Campus, DTU Library has a number of open computers which are available to the public, including DTU's alumni. With the search system DTU Findit, you can use these computers to search in almost all the literature provided by DTU Library for DTU staff and students. The other facilities in the two libraries, such as printing, scanning and binding (spiral backs) etc., can also be used by alumni. See the library's current opening hours on the website. If you need an introduction to information search, you can also book a librarian.

DTU Findit - Information portal for the industry

The search system DTU Findit, which provides access to all of the library's articles, journals and books, can also be used outside of DTU's campus. DTU Findit gives you an easy and quick access to order licensed articles for payment. This is through integration and collaboration with global document providers who can deliver most content on the same or next day - often within minutes. Payment is done quickly and easily by credit card - just like in any other webshop. As an alternative to payment, DTU Findit shows you if the searched material is available at other Danish libraries.
DTU Orbit - Research database with DTU's publications

All published DTU research is registered in the research database DTU Orbit. Here alumni can find contacts, project information and publication information for DTU researchers. DTU is a leader in Denmark when it comes to Open Access publishing, ie. making publicly funded research available free of charge. A large part of DTU's research is published openly on the Internet in DTU Orbit. These publications from DTU's researchers can be freely downloaded.