DTU Alumni in figures

DTU’s alumni network is for all who have completed a study programme at Technical University of Denmark, DTU. International exchange students as well as employees who have been employed at DTU for more than three years are also welcome.

The DTU alumni network has over 40,000 members, and more than 50% of all living and identified alumni are members of DTU Alumni.

All new graduates are automatically registered as members but must confirm their membership to maintain it.

Who are the members of DTU Alumni?
The proportion of both female members and international members is increasing as more female engineers are graduating, and there is a high proportion of international students, especially in the MSc Eng programmes.

The members are scattered throughout Denmark and around the world, but the vast majority live in the Capital Region of Denmark, so it is relatively easy for them to visit DTU physically.

DTU Alumni's membership database is updated several times a year with address information from the Danish CPR register. However, we only get very limited information about addresses outside of Denmark from the CPR register. The quality of international addresses therefore depends on information from the members.

There is a large spread of ages among the members: 38% of the members are under 35 years of age, and 49% are in the 35–64 age group, but seniors over 65 years also constitute a significant proportion of DTU’s alumni network (13%).