DTU honorary alumnus 2015: Kaj Juul-Pedersen

Grounds for the appointment:
Kaj Juul-Pedersen was named DTU Honorary Alumnus in 2015. Kaj Juul-Pedersen was named DTU honorary alumnus in 2015 because—throughout his career—he has succeeded in combining his remarkable skills as an engineer with his talent for networking with an unswervingly constructive love of DTU as his alma mater. He has quite simply lived the values that DTU and DTU Alumni stand for.

Statement from Kaj Juul-Pedersen:
“I obtained my Master of Science in Engineering from DTU in 1971, specializing in telecommunications, and this training has meant everything to me in my career in Denmark and abroad.

That’s why I’ve been delighted to undertake the tasks DTU has requested, as co-examiner, chairman of COM•DTU Communications, Optics, and Materials, member of the Advisory Boards for Photonics and now Space, as well as a member of DTU’s Board of Representatives.

It is a great honour for me to be honorary alumnus, and together with the DTU Gold Medal in 2007, this inspires me to continue my work for DTU and the alumni. Because skilled engineers are a prerequisite for Denmark’s continued prosperity and the quality of our society. To me, DTU is the prime exponent for making sure this continues.”