Graduation Ceremonies

At DTU, we are proud of our graduates, and we celebrate the academic accomplishments of all new graduates at biannual Graduation Ceremonies.

Upcoming Graduation Ceremonies

Bachelors of Engineering: Tuesday 14 November 2023 (the event is held in Danish)

Masters of Science in Engineering: Wednesday 15 November 2023 (the event is held in English)

These Graduation Ceremonies are for graduates who have completed their education in the period 1 April 2023 - 30 September 2023 (end dates registered by the study administration).


Practical Information/FAQ

When will I receive my diploma?
The study administration sends your official diploma to you, but it may take a few months from you finish your studies. If you have questions about your diploma, please contact the student administration:

When will I receive my invitation?
We will send personal invitations to all relevant graduates to the email that we have registered approx. 5 weeks before the Graduation Ceremony. If you want to be sure to receive your invitation, please register as a member of DTU Alumni and make sure that we have your e-mail address (not your student e-mail, but an e-mail that we can also use in the future to get in touch with you).

Can I participate in a different Graduate Ceremony earlier or later?
Unfortunately, for practical and logistical reasons, DTU cannot offer you to participate in a different Graduation Ceremony than the one to which you are invited. Typically, about 400 graduates are invited to each Graduation Ceremony.

How do I register?
You register for the Graduation Ceremony through the link in your personal invitation. 

Where does the event take place and how is the programme? 
The event takes place in building 101 on DTU Lyngby campus. 

First, there will be an official ceremony in the sports hall with speeches and presentations of all registered graduates, which lasts about 1 hour. You will be seated with your guests in an area designated to your study programme.

Subsequently, there will be an informal celebration divided by study programmes and together with the heads of study. This part will last ½-1 hour. A glass of bubbles will be served here (with or without alcohol).
How should I dress?

There is no official dress code, but the trend for most ceremonies is a mix between casual and well dressed.

Whom should I bring to the ceremony?
All registered graduates can bring up to 3 guests.

Most graduates bring their parents, their boyfriend/ girlfriend or other relatives, but close friends are also welcome.

Family and friends will also be able to watch via livestreaming (see link below).

Where can I park?
There are parking lots at building 101 adjacent to Anker Engelunds Vej and at Studentertorvet. See map.

Get an overview of traffic diversions due to light rail construction at campus

Will there be a photographer?
Yes, a photographer will take photos of all graduates. The photos will be published on Flickr (for high resolution downloads) as well as on DTU Alumni's Facebook page within 1-2 weeks. All registered graduates will be notified directly by email when the photos are available.

Will the Graduation Ceremony be live streamed?
If you are unable to attend in person, or if you know more people who would like to watch, the official ceremony will be live streamed.

What if I become ill or for some reason cannot attend?
If you become ill or are prevented from attending, you can still watch the PhD Graduation Ceremony via live streaming.

I complete my education on 1 October 2023 or later – when will I be invited to a Graduation Ceremony?
You will be invited to a Graduation Ceremony in June 2024. The dates have not yet been determined and will be announced in the spring 2024.